View Full Version : Fantasy football league?

08-21-2009, 11:45 AM
Just signed up for a fantasy team through CBS, I'd like to join a league where I know at least one other person. 1st time to play. Post up if you're playing.

08-21-2009, 11:47 AM
I have a neighborhood league I'm managing. That's about all I have time for, otherwise I'd love to join.

08-21-2009, 03:03 PM
Is fantasy football where wizards play against elves?

08-21-2009, 05:08 PM
Post the league and team name. I'm game.

08-21-2009, 05:08 PM
i have a league started and my have a spot open let me know if ur still looking i can give u the info, if anyone else is interested let me know too

08-21-2009, 05:56 PM
My team name is "McLovin" My wife is playing too (she's a football wiz). Once I have her set up we'll try to get in to one together.